SUE QUINONES                              WATERCOLORIST

                                   SUE QUINONES  ARTIST STATEMENT

     In attempting to understand my personal experiences, I have found myself creating art that reflects my past, my present surroundings, and my memories.  A nostalgic look at those personal experiences has lead me to discover an unusual approach to my watercolors. I start with a decorative, stylistic ink drawing and then incorporate my
watercolor techniques.

     My own antiques serve as subject matter for my paintings.  They are sometimes personal possessions or objects that belong to my friends. These old items take a historical representation on how styles and materials are placed together to complete each piece. The combinations of curving and twisting motifs connected with other materials join together to enlighten us with their beauty. In my paintings I strive to obtain a similar merging with the use of watercolor and decorative ink to enhance the quality that can only be found in something so old. When I use the vintage objects, I feel that I unite the secret ingredients and blend them together to form a coherent painting.

     Many of the paintings often have interesting stories or memories connected to them.  Some of the paintings symbolize a feeling or glimpse of another time. This nostalgic component in my watercolors is completed with a final element from the present time.  The use of fresh flowers links the old with the new.  The floral arrangements bridge the gap between times to produce a pleasant transition to the past. In portraying the passage of time in any watercolor I hope to give the viewer a chance to experience something very personal to me and in turn leave a lasting impression in their heart.























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