Top 10 Most Famous Paintings
                 of all time

Don Mc Clean sings about "Starry Night"
by artist Vincent Van Gogh. Many more
of Van Gogh's paintings are shown

T.V. Artist Bob Ross in a remix titled  
                "Happy Clouds"

How to prepare clay through a
    technique called Wedging

    How to make a Ceramic Mug

          Top 10 Graffiti Artists
 SUE QUINONES                              WATERCOLORIST

                                            JAMES FORD RHODES ART



Since the beginning of time artists have left their mark on the interior of caves to tell the story of their lives.  Even during the Egyptian times elaborate hieroglyphics adorned the walls and surfaces depicting civilizations unknown to us.  Ceramic pottery was created for serving food and decorative purposes. Sculptures illustrated a culture once there but now gone. In the twenty-first century little has changed. 

Graffiti artists leave their symbols on trains, bridges and buildings while other artists express themselves in video, sculpture, film,
photography, technology, painting and other media. Art History is always around us to tell the story.

     How to Watercolor a Sky 

How to Watercolor a Landscape

     How to Watercolor an Apple

  How to Watercolor an Iris flower

    Fantasy Portrait in Watercolor

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